With TimeFleX Catering you make all necessary catering arrangements and facility preparations such as room selection and audiovisual equipment for your meeting. Your in-house or external service providers/caterers receive all necessary information in time. Changes are forwarded automatically to keep everybody involved in the loop. TimeFleX Catering integrates seamless into the TimeFleX Group Calendar and also can be integrated into user mail-databases. TimeFleX Catering saves time and improves efficiency for all involved parties.

Functional Overview:

    • Workflow (e.g. notification of the responsible caterer)
    • Selection of the appropriate caterer chosen by catering-profile and each position
    • Automatic synchronization of all catering requests with the corresponding appointments
    • Definition of mandatory fields in forms (e.g. budget-code, external, internal, reason etc.)
    • Archiving function
    • Views for caterer by date
    • Forms printing
    • And many features more …