Why use an add-on time management software solution like TimeFleX Group Calendar for IBM Lotus Notes?

The reason is simple. TimeFleX goes well above and beyond the basic features and functionalities that are provided in your default calendaring & scheduling, making your organization's users more productive, efficient and responsive. The TimeFleX calendar solution is completely scalable and delivers clear value-add for organizations ranging in size from a few dozen persons all the way up to the largest multinational enterprises.

A web-based interface saves you the hassle of deploying a program setup through your organization, since TimeFleX works in all recent browsers. The program can be comfortably managed by the administrator from his desk in any Domino Server environment.

  • Saves time, effort and money by faster appointment coordination (Quick ROI)
  • Easy and secure central and decentralized administration
  • Detailed employee absence information at a glance
  • No redundant data
  • Dynamic appointment filter functions by category, kind, full-text search and others
  • New created Group Calendar available on demand
  • Monthly and annual views for long-term planning purposes such as vacations (never make vacation plans in Excel or other third party tools)
  • Overview of non-accepted invitations (Avoid costly scheduling conflicts)
  • Comprehensive time zone support
  • Efficient user-rights administration by the Notes Admin and/or users (With Lotus Notes you only have then possibility to delegate your calendar only with all information, TimeFleX allows you instead to select which fields you will show the other users and which kind of entries)
  • Additional modules (MeetingFinder, Catering)
  • and many other features...