Upgrade TimeFleX for Lotus Notes V6

Instructions for upgrading the TimeFleX database from version V5 to version V6.

Note: You can also operate the V5 and the V6 parallel on a server.

For this we recommend the following procedure:

Create a new copy of your existing V5 TimeFleX database on the server and update to this database. You can then successively redirect the Mitarebiter to the new TimeFleX version.

If you do not prefer the above procedure, but want to perform a direct upgrade to the Productive Version 5, please note the following two points:

  1. The update should be performed on a productive database, outside working hours.
  2. We also recommend that you disable the replication for the TimeFleX DB during the update when running a cluster.

Version 6 does NOT require installation of a client plug-in. The application is completely WEB based, but can also be opened in the Notes client as usual.

  1. Download the current version
    TimeFleX_R6.zip ( www.timeflex.de/downloads/TimeFleX_R6.zip)
  2. Unzip the zip file in the local Notes / Data directory
  3. Open the NEW TimeFleX database
  4. Execute item 1 "Signing the database"
  5. After the sign process is finish choose Point "Update an existing TimeFleX installation"
    In the Dialog select your TimeFleX DB which you will upgrade.
  6. After the upgrade process is finish, sign the DB on the server with a System.ID
  7. Run the dbcache flush command on the server console
  8. To move all settings from V5 to V6 you will now see a  dialog box "Convert..."- this will get back all relevant settings converted to V6 (e.g. access rights /group calendar templates...)