Update TimeFleX for Lotus Notes V6

Update instructions for the TimeFleX group calendar database.

We also recommend that you disable the replication for the TimeFleX DB during the update when you are running a cluster.

How to update:

  1. Download the latest version: 
  2. TimeFleX_R6.zip ( www.timeflex.de/downloads/TimeFleX_R6.zip)
  3. Unzip the zip file in the local Notes / Data directory  
  4. Open the NEW local TimeFleX-Database 
  5. Choose Point 1 "Sign the database"
  6. After the sign process is finish choose "Update an existing TimeFleX installation"
  7. Sign the database on the server with your system.id or server.id
  8. Execute the command dbcache flush on the server console