Why spending funds for TimeFleX ?

  • schedule events more efficiently
  • save time
  • save money
  • avoid frustration
  • be more flexible
  • TimeFleX can be used for any company size 

Plenty of calendar views for more variety

  • With a simple click you may switch between different views to watch rooms,calendars and resources 
  • Different zoom levels ( day / week / month )
  • Save and edit views to schedule holidays, projects, field sales appointments and many more

Create & manage your calendar entries with TimeFleX

  • Alle employees keep their Exchange- mailboxes
  • Calendar entries are pushed into Outlook & TimeFleX without any manual refresh
  • If this feature is enabled our Email- agent will be notifying organizers about new / modified or deleted entries from any co-worker
  • Enable workflows for nearly all processes inside TimeFleX

Have you ever tried to manage multiple users simultaneously in Outlook or OWA?

If so, you certainly experienced one or more of the following points:

  • Limitations of simultaneously opened calendars
  • Clarity of planning view
  • Simultaneously search for strings in multiple calendars
  • Search results are output ONLY as a text list
  • Expression of group calendars 
  • No zooming over several weeks
  • Start using TimeFleX to eliminate all of the above mentioned barriers and more...

Use filtering in TimeFleX to get what more specific results

  • With the additional filtering functionalities you are able to search for entries more specifically 
  • Set or disable categories
  • Show or hide private and business appointments
  • Enable or disable important and regular occasions 
  • Use the full text search with even nested phrases to get your specific results ,e.g. for holiday or exhibition planning 

Scheduling events for teams on a new level

  • Alle appointments and events of teams in one calendar
  • Instant / live overview about current appointments and availabilities of colleagues and resources (e.g. rooms / cars)
  • Adjust your availabilities by adding breaks to organize meeetings even more efficient
  • TimeFleX allows you to coordinate and give specific rights to each user 


  • Supports Exchange on-Premise, Office 365 and hybrid environments
  • Only one central installation (website on IIS Server)
  • Filter on text, categories, entry types, private, repeating entries, and more ...
  • Create new calendars on demand
  • Users create their own calendars ( depending on rights given by the administrator )
  • Comprehensive time zone support
  • Completely centralized administration possible, but not required.
  • Support for active directory groups, also nested groups and circular nested groups
  • Variety of different calendar views ( vertical day view / week + month + year view / list view )
  • Different zoom levels, day, week, month, year
  • All group calendars and settings 24/ 7 with our Mobile APP
  • Additional modules (MeetingFinder, Catering...)
  • And many other features...