With Catering & Services you make all required arrangements and facility preparations such as room selection and audiovisual equipment for your meetings. Your in-house or external service providers/caterers receive all necessary information in time. Meetings are rearranged, recurred, cancelled, postponed or relocated all the time.Even we can´t do a thing about that...But if anything changes ( Start/-end time , or a catering has been modified or removed , etc. ) TimeFleX will be notifying all involved people automatically with our integrated workflow.

Reduce stress and increase your productivity today...

    • Integrates seamlessly in TimeFleX 
    • Automatic notifications for participants whenever requests are changed ( e.g. new times, room etc. )
    • Only pre-defnied organizers may administer the Catering & Services extension
    • Save time & energy
    • Less frustration thanks to the integrated workflow