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Meetings - Simple & clear TimeFleX MeetingFinder

Everyone in your organisation will be familiar with the following scenario: an important internal meeting involving several people is coming up, planning the meeting agenda is progressing at full speed and the "only" thing that needs to be done now is to find a date that ‘fits’ for everyone.
The result is countless acceptance and rejection mails going back and forth for hours or even days. Which means it is not only the organiser's nerves that are on edge after a short while...

Enough with the confusion! TimeFleX MeetingFinder now makes stress a "walk in the park" when arranging meetings!

The pros in brief:
  • Preparation of meeting questionnaires
  • All questionnaires at a glance
  • Simple coordination
  • View of all persons invited
  • Set-up of meetings directly in the meeting questionnaire
  • Seamlessly integrated in TimeFleX

Functioning Creating appointments & meetings

  1. Set-up a meeting request with multiple date suggestions for any number of attendees with MeetingFinder. You can also flag individual persons as "VIPs" while creating the request.
  2. Based on the time period you choose and the scheduled duration of the meeting, TimeFleX suggests a list of best possible dates.
    MeetingFinder makes sure that any VIPs flagged are prioritised according to availability during the scheduling process.
  3. Then make your selection from the dates suggested to generate an enquiry to all the attendees with TimeFleX.
  4. All the attendees receive an email link to the TimeFleX Group Calendar and the associated meeting list from your enquiry.
  5. Those invited can now specify their availability. The TimeFleX Dashboard contains a convenient selection menu with standardised answers for this purpose.
  6. As the organiser, MeetingFinder emails you at regular intervals to keep you up-to-date about the progress your meeting questionnaire is making. It goes without saying that you can open your request in TimeFleX on the fly and view the current status. 
  7. Once the meeting date has been fixed, you can set-up the associated meeting in the TimeFleX Calendar with a click of the mouse. All the data from the meeting questionnaire is adopted (start, end, attendees, topic...) accordingly
    Time-consuming media breaks now become a thing of the past at last!


Unique clarity - Even for large groups

TimeFleX makes the entire scheduling process for meetings completely transparent. Depending on the permissions assigned to them, those invited can view the availability entries their colleagues have made and change their own choice of date to accept or reject the individual dates proposed for the benefit of the group attending. Thanks to the unique scalability of TimeFleX, this also works for a very large number of attendees - such those participating in an international business conference.



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