SMS Notifications

A friendly reminder for every important meeting - mobile and cross-platform

All your meetings on your smartphone on the fly TimeFleX SMS Gateway

A friendly SMS right before the beginning of a meeting is appreciated by everyone concerned. This way you can get to make sure that your customers really turn up at the very moment you set up the appointment -  without the need for any extra effort on your part. Or they cancel in time so that you can usefully reschedule the freed-up time slot.

Simple and smart

Conventional SMS messages are still a standard feature on all smartphones and are being used accordingly, even in times when the use of messenger services is growing.
The advantages are plain to see: addressable to individuals or groups with a direct response option, SMSs offer the same functionality as a messenger service but do not rely on the installation of additional apps on user devices.

Our SMS gateway allows you to quickly and easily send SMSs to your customers - either with TimeFleX according to date/schedule or direct from your MS Outlook or IBM Notes account. If necessary, your customer can also respond. The reply SMS then is sent directly to your personal mailbox as an email.

The pros in brief:
  • SMS is read soon after it is received
  • The customer can react immediately and respond
  • No additional hardware is required
  • Familiar user environment
  • Workflows are optimised

Intelligent Messages How the SMS gateway works

A text window can be used to generate any SMS or link it to existing text modules. Depending on the direction your action takes, the final SMS can be sent to individual customers or to entire customer groups. Any reply SMS from the customer is sent directly to your mailbox as an email.

Meeting reminders remain in-house until they are actual dispatched. A process automatically checks whether a meeting has been postponed or deleted. The SMS is then postponed or held back accordingly.

Secure Transfer

A key advantage of the SMS Gateway from TimeFleX: You company does not need any hardware. Sending and receiving SMSs takes place over the SDFE GmbH SMS Gateway. Bidirectional communication is encrypted and therefore secure.

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