New Version 1.8.x of TimeFleX available for download !

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Changelog last update


1.8.0 2016-12-13


ADDED Support for Windows Server 2016.

ADDED Caching for FullAccess permissions is configurable in Admin Area.

CHANGE Modified multithreading behaviour with different Exchange versions.

BUGFIX Improved UI responsiveness and scroll delay when receiving data of multiple users from backend.

BUGFIX Fixed residing frontend bug on calendar entry window close.

BUGFIX Fixed bug when removing the series from a repeating entry.

BUGFIX Subtle bug in synchronization of repeating entries.

BUGFIX In 1.7.9, the admin setting "private categories" wasn't correctly saved.

BUGFIX The AddressBook controller fetched the whole directory, even if only a few entries should be displayed.

BUGFIX Dispatcher list wasn't shown anymore in admin area.

BUGFIX Frontend error "The arrayfield has no compareType".

BUGFIX MeetingFinder list now always loads on click of the header.

BUGFIX Year View print failed for date ranges that didn't contain the current date.

BUGFIX Manual licensing ran into an Invalid Date Error in December.

BUGFIX A frontend error occurred in WeekView, when previous/next button were used after an invalid week had been entered in the week picker.

BUGFIX The dispatcher service, when used on Office 365, and reverting an appointment changed in Outlook 2013 (and possibly other versions of Outlook, but not OWA), changed that apppointment to a meeting.

BUGFIX In Office 365, if an entry was modified in TimeFleX and Outlook 2013 (possibly other versions of Outlook as well, but not OWA) at the same time, it could become a meeting without ever having been one.

BUGFIX In organizations with a big directory, the service did not always stop in time for the setup to complete.

BUGFIX Under still unknown circumstances, the Exchange server gets to contain entries where the enddate is set to 0 A.D., and TimeFleX could not save these correctly. Since Outlook handles these entries as entries of length 0, so does TimeFleX now.

BUGFIX Some dlls required by OAuth were missing from the installer.


1.8.1 2016-12-21


ADDED Global Catalog domain is configurable in admin area

ADDED TimeFleX base URL (for notification links etc.) is configurable in admin area.

BUGFIX The year wrap of the vacation plan did not occur in time, should have been on Dec 1st.

BUGFIX The admin area wasn't fully localized.

BUGFIX Conflict check failed for Office 365 mailboxes because of an issue in Microsoft EWS.

BUGFIX During dispatcher entry check, timezone issues could occur.


1.8.2 2017-01-04


ADDED An update check is available in admin area.

CHANGE Holiday Reformationstag (DE) is federal in 2017 (Lutherjahr).

BUGFIX Since the framework upgrade in 1.7.5, changing the time zone caused the configuration Save button to become red (indicate change) for custom configs, and no longer gray when clicking Save.

BUGFIX In the calendar entry window, the last modified date and user were not always shown correctly for entries made and edited across various time zones and clients.

BUGFIX Under unknown conditions, the installer could throw the error "{SQL_STATE:2800} Login failed for User DOMAIN\administrator" when trying to connect to the SQL server. While the root cause is still being investigated, the issue has been worked around for the time being.

BUGFIX TimeFleX could lock the InstallDB.sql file and forget to release it again.

BUGFIX Vertical scrolling could be inconsistent in planner view.

BUGFIX Backend wasn't compatible with mobile app.


1.8.3 2017-01-20


ADDED Invites can now be shown in the color of the user/category, instead of gray.

BUGFIX In the "Assimilate configs" window in admin area, the "from" or the "to" list could be out of sync.

BUGFIX Users without a global configuration assigned would receive "Error while processing SQL Query: Invalid attempt to call Read when reader is closed" if "Allow all users without configuration to create their own" was not checked.

BUGFIX It was reported that, under still unknown conditions, during setup the service does not start because the program "could not load file or assembly 'System.Net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7cec85d7bea7798e'". The problem was non-reproducible, but some relevant sections have been revised and the affected customer has confirmed that the problem has been resolved in 1.8.2.

BUGFIX Saving entries from the mobile application did not work for organizations with enabled dispatcher module.

BUGFIX Fixed two null pointer errors reported via bug report form (caused by CalendarEntry dialog and some of its subdialogs being closed in an unexpected order).

BUGFIX Window resize handle was too large, overlapping the close button and scrollbars.

BUGFIX Azure Directory via Graph API failed to load if the directory contained users without a valid mail address.


1.8.4 2017-01-30


BUGFIX The information that the MeetingFinder was "Done" was not saved correctly.

BUGFIX The Global Catalog Server setting did not allow subdomains nor hyphened domains.

BUGFIX In Azure AD, an unexpected error can occur during photo synchronization. This error does no longer cause the sync to fail completely.


1.8.5 2017-02-08


BUGFIX Working with non-impersonating service-account fixed.


1.8.6 2017-03-01


BUGFIX The day of week in the printed (PDF) list view was incorrect.

BUGFIX Deletion of an access rule is transmitted to the server again.

BUGFIX The default template could not be deleted.

BUGFIX On TimeFleX servers with non-German date format, creation of holidays failed.

BUGFIX License users can be deleted again.

BUGFIX Users without a global configuration assigned would receive "Error while processing SQL Query: Invalid attempt to call HasRows when reader is closed" if "Allow all users without configuration to create their own" was not checked.

BUGFIX Under certain circumstances, TimeFleX Mobile would not connect to the server and throw Error 401 instead.

BUGFIX Lines were no longer visible in certain presets if Day and night timeline was disabled.

BUGFIX Error report "Error: DOM element with id ... in Element cache is not the same as element in the DOM"

BUGFIX Angle brackets </> from plaintext fields (like subject and location) are now shown correctly in the overviews.

BUGFIX Fixed Unicode support - using the data cache replaced unicode characters with question marks.

BUGFIX Sometimes InvalidCharacterError was thrown when angle brackets were used in plaintext fields.

BUGFIX Sometimes, an error occurred in the entry dialog while availability information was updated ("Unable to get property 'busytimeuser' of undefined or null reference")

BUGFIX The admin area crashed if the admin opened the configuration iframe, navigated away from the configuration inside the iframe and then closed the iframe.

BUGFIX The admin area crashed if no group was selected in the wizard.


1.8.7 2017-03-06


BUGFIX An Exchange AD schema extension without the default Address Lists caused a processing error in the Active Directory subsystem: "There is no such object on the server. in : at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind(Boolean throwIfFail) ... at TimeFleXLibrary.Directory.ActiveDirectory.GetAddressLists() at TimeFleX.Controllers.AddressBookController.AddressBook(String q, DebugLevel debug, String dbname, String sname, Boolean startOnly, String key, Boolean loadmore, Int32 keyType, Int32 n)"


1.8.8 2017-03-14


BUGFIX Creation of appointments failed if the ServiceAccount uses full-access instead of impersonation

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