Licensing model

The TimeFleX group calendar counts the number of calendars from users, rooms and resources that are being viewed by the TimeFleX user interface.


A user which is licensed can be viewed in several group calendars with one license only (per user basis). Server licenses are not available.

Minimum Number of Licenses is 50

Pricing of maintenance is 20% of list price annually.

Existing customer

If you are an existing TimeFleX Group Calendar customer with interest in buying additional TimeFleX extensions, please contact us or one of our business partners.

What do you get when signing up for Maintenance and Support contract?

Software Maintenance agreement

The software maintenance program ensures continuous operation of the TimeFleX products covered in the customers IT environment subsequent to an upgrade to a newer version of the product. SDFE GmbH guaranties a minimum of 2 new maintenance releases per year, which ensures continuous development of new features and functionality. TimeFleX will support the latest version of the mail & calendar platform for which it was bought no later than three months after its release.

Further the maintenance agreement ensures that customers with active maintenance are entitled to receive error fixes and new versions including new functionality without additional cost. The cost of implementing customer specific application changes is not included in the maintenance agreement, and will be invoiced separately as per agreement. SDFE GmbH will provide all maintenance customers with timely information about new releases of products.

In accordance with the present maintenance agreement the TimeFleX products shall support the IT platforms specified in the installation and configuration manuals. These manuals can be obtained from www.sdfe-groupcalendar .com. SDFE GmbH limits the delivery of error fixing to releases delivered from SDFE GmbH within the previous 3 months from the date a customer reports a specific error.

The obligation to deliver updates to the software covered by the agreement is annulled if the platform manufacturer removes building blocks from their products that are essential to the development of the TimeFleX product.


SDFE GmbH is constantly developing new features of TimeFleX Group Calendar. The new versions are released at least ones a quarter and customers can legally upgrade to the newest version when active maintenance is in play. Reinstatement of licenses is coming into action if the customer’s maintenance has lapsed / expired.

SDFE GmbH require that customers will have to reinstate their licenses to get the new version. The price for reinstatement is paying 60% of the list price for new licenses - at the time of the reinstatement. Reinstatement is only an option within the first two years after the date the maintenance expired. If customers want to reinstate TimeFleX licenses after the two years maintenance expiration date, this require a new license purchase.

Technical Support

A Technical support contract entitles you to technical support by email or phone directly from SDFE GmbH. Technical support is available during our office hours (08:00 to 18:00 Central European Time) (08:00 AM to 06:00 PM Central European Time).

The support allows free email or phone support within the support contract period. Response time for customers with a Technical Support contract is one business day from logging the incident on our website, by mail to or by phone at +49 2429 90 94 78-0.

Please include the following information in your mail or have it available when calling

  • Clear and concise description of problem and what has been done to try and fix it. Screenshots are very helpful. 
  • Any supporting documentation i.e. Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino environment architecture is highly appreciated and will speed up problem solving. 
  • Operating system that your Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes / Lotus Domino server is running on 
  • State TimeFleX product name and version number 
  • State the Microsoft Exchange / IIS Server or Lotus Notes / Lotus Domino version numbers
  • Your used Internet Browser and version number


  • Incidents are logged by email or phone. This does not mean that your incident will be solved right away. 
  • The Technical support contract covers only support on the product itself, and does not cover issues due to consequences related to operating system or other 3rd party applications. 
  • The Technical support contract covers 2nd level support issued to central IT personnel, responsible for the TimeFleX product. 
  • The Technical support contract does not cover daily maintenance, monitoring nor upgrade of new releases. 
  • The Technical support contract does not cover onsite visit from SDFE GmbH consultants.

If you do not have a TimeFleX Technical Support Contract, time spent on your incident will be charged by the hour (minimum of half an hour) at a rate of EURO 140 unless otherwise agreed. Alternatively support can be obtained from an TimeFleX reseller. This support service from the reseller is normally a payable service.