Service & Support

How to reach the TimeFleX TeamViewer Quick Support Desk Remote Support

Our support staff take care of your special needs personally 

1. Click on the "Start TeamViewer Quick Support" button in the yellow banner below and download the Quick Support plug-in.

2. Open the plug-in after it has been installed. You should now be able to see a 6-digit ID in the following form: "XXX-XXX-XXX"

3. Call our Support Desk immediately on +49 (0)24 2990 9140-0 and tell them the 6-digit ID displayed.

4. Our Support Desk will then be able to connect you using the ID you provided and clarify any issues you may.



Participate in remote training sessions and presentations TeamViewer Meeting

Information and further training for all TimeFlex products using TeamViewer Meeting

1. Click on the "Start TeamViewer Meeting" button in the banner below.

2. Enter the meeting ID we sent you.

3. Enter your name when prompted if asked during the startup process.

4. You will now see the desktop on our speaker's computer, who will accompany you through the training session or presentation.