Lots of customers and prosepects have asked us for advice when it came to face group - calendar challenges. With this page we would like to give you some ideas and solutions created together with our valued customers 

But first things first, one of our most important mottos is that with TimeFleX you can do a whole lot but not necessarily if you don´t want to !

Means that you as a user or administrator can set up all needs in a glance but if you find it too much simply disable some functions to make your life easier. No matter if you are a Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes professional or not- setting up TimeFleX is a piece of cake for all !

Let´s now focus on some simple examples that could be challenges for you and how you could solve them.



We run a number of pubs and looking at a tool that gives us the opportunity to schedule appointments with our team members who are based in various locations all over the country. Can you do  that ?

With TimeFleX and our mobile extension you can meet those requirements !

  • You and your team members can easily create and visualize group calendars with TimeFleX and get them on the go
  • Depending on rights you can also schedule appointments and any type of event. Where ever you are and when ever you want to
  • If you use a Windows based platform with Exchange for Outlook have a look at this site 
  • Are you more a IBM Notes person ? then please have a look at this site

By the way that is a snapshot of our mobile calendar view with TimeFleX mobile.

and another snapshot with an example on how TimeFleX mobile looks like on a tablet.

You want more than just grey theory and pictures ?

Access to our live calendar NOW ( read only access ) by following the path below:

Customer requirement that came in from Mr. Miller who is Sales Manager at a medium- sized enterprise :


  • A group scheduler is supposed to highlight utilizations from any of my team members. Some appointments are made even though a team member is not available at that time. Is that possible to realize ?
  • Furthermore I need to see absences at a glance to quickly shift tasks from one person to another ( best would be a drag& drop )- Best case scenario is that whenever people are moving / deleting entries they get notified about it in a short mail.
  • Scalability especially when having more members inside my group calendars is important as well as opportunities to customize the interface
  • How about the rights- management for users ?  

We got different calendar views ( no matter is you use Windows Exchange or IBM platforms ) With those you can easily find the right option for you and your needs as a group scheduler for your sales team.

The rights management can be either adopted by Outlook or easily created under TimeFleX.

TimeFleX inside hospitals can be used for various options such as :

  • Administration of ER - equipment ( add / remove to rooms ) 
  • Maintain ER bookings(you can create super- users with rights for this kind of task and let them publish the information)
  • Add / remove entries for colleagues ( e.g. on call nurses ) 
  • Use TimeFleX as a hall monitor at a nurses / doctor station to see availabilities
  • Other approaches possible of course- just contact us and maybe you can create your own success story with TimeFleX