TimeFleX Desk Sharing

TimeFleX Desk Sharing allows your company's employees to conveniently book a workstation. Workstations can be filtered by equipment features and much more.

This is how workplace planning works today Smart and digital thanks to TimeFleX

All important information about the occupancy status of your workstations: current usage, availability, upcoming bookings - all clearly and quickly readable in your building plan. The workstation can be booked directly on the device, from the PC or smartphone, from our TimeFleX Mobile App.

Intuitive and convenient handling for your employees and perfectly integrated into the corporate infrastructure.

Our booking panels are NFC-capable and offer maximum flexibility for the digitalization of everyday work thanks to interfaces for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes.

Your advantages at a glance DeskSharing made by TimeFleX

The solution for saving space and costs:

Optimize the number of workstations in your company. With Desksharing by TimeFleX you can digitally manage your work environment in the modern office environment. With your integrated building plan, you have an overview of your desk usage at a glance.
This way you can directly see which desks are "gathering dust" and thus adjust your floor space from a commercial point of view.

With the check-in request function, no desk will remain empty. This is because it is automatically released again after your specified time if no check-in takes place.

The interface connection to Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes also allows you to enter, edit and manage all workstation assignments in the familiar user interface.

Never again search for a suitable workplace for a long time:

Employees can quickly and easily find and book the right workstation for them according to their necessary characteristics.
Thus, you achieve the optimal use of all tables and everyone finds quickly and easily his suitable workplace.

Fair and correct workstation allocation:

With our role system, you can quickly and easily define the booking authorization of groups of people or individuals to certain areas or individual tables.

Also, certain seats can only be limited to a certain number of bookings by one person. This means, for example, that a user cannot permanently reserve the window seat, but can only make a certain number of bookings at a workstation in succession.

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No more isolated applications:

Whether classic on-premise or modern in the cloud or via a hybrid solution: Your digital booking panel is always accessible.
Of course, this also applies to monitoring and maintenance, such as software updates via the cloud.

NFC technology included:

Thanks to modern near-field communication, you can also identify yourself contactlessly via access card at your workplace.

A time advantage that should not be underestimated - especially when many external participants are expected who need a workstation very often.

All common NFC formats such as RFID, Mifare or FeliCa are supported. Other formats can be implemented on request.
In addition, you can of course continue to use the classic 8-digit PIN query on our smart panels.

Perfect for your modern corporate structure:

The concept for innovative companies, in which flexible working concepts are tested and applied.

For a professional and future-oriented corporate image to the outside world.

Have any questions about the product? We will be more than glad to help you further

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E-Mail: sales(at)​timeflex.de


Bye-bye isolated application Perfect integration into existing infrastructure

The integrated interface connects our TimeFleX Calendar to your Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino infrastructure and by doing to allows you to control your room management system in real time easily and directly. View, manage and book all your meetings and room assignments directly from your Microsoft or IBM account. Grant your employees access during a limited time period, manage permissions and roles for your room planning and experience how using our digital room planner panels can accelerate processes and ultimately save time for all your employees.

Can be used anywhere - even in the cloud

Our smart door signs can be managed conventionally from a desktop or laptop workstation on-premises, as well as over a cloud server or an internal company hybrid structure.
Your IT department can also monitor and maintain your digital door signs easily over a cloud connection.

Our touch screens also support a wide variety of audio and video codecs. For example, streaming content can also be accessed and displayed manually or automatically on large monitors connected in the room. Other interfaces to our Catering & Services and TimeFleX MeetingFinder modules are currently in an advanced stage of development.

TimeFleX simple but elegant desk panels Technical data

Hardware & Features

  • CPU: ARM quad core @ 1.6 Ghz

  • Memory: 8 GB eMMC

  • RAM: 1GB DDR3L

  • Audio: 1 x 3.5 mm stereo out

  • RFID: 13.56MHz and 125KHz

  • Operating system: Android 5.1

  • Speaker included: Yes

  • Mikrofon enthalten: Ja

IO Interface

  • WLAN: WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, single band 2.4Ghz


  • NFC: Yes


  • IO port: 1 x Micro USB to connect
    1 x Mirco USB for ADB / OTG /RJ45 adapter / USB-Stick
    1 x Mirco USB for USB-Sticks / PIR sensor


  • Size: 3.5" LCD screen


  • resolution: 480 x 320


  • multi-touch and 350 nits


  • Touch capable: Yes


Further specifications

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 122 x 116 x 13 mm

  • Colors available: black

  • Operatting temperature: 0~50°C

  • LED: status LED lights up in 255 colors

  • Warranty: 1 year / optional 2 years

  • Certificates: CE/FCC/RoHS