There are certain standards that your standard platform solutions IBM Notes Domino and Microsoft Windows Exchange provide. But why is it worth to consider TimeFleX anyhow?

We made a comparison sheet to show you all relevant  features at a glance.

User Features

Calendar (simple views) ja ja nein
Calendar (advanced graphical views) nein nein ja
Group view up to 14 month nein nein ja
Open a special group calendar directly by URL parameters nein nein ja
UI to put into a web portal nein nein ja
Zoom into the TimeAxis (hours, days, weeks, month) nein nein ja
Automated position current time for a schedule monitor nein nein ja
Fast address selection (central information) nein nein ja
Integrate Worktime with lunchtime etc. for every day ja nein ja
Central holiday plugin to show holiday, select by state nein nein ja
Switch directly to another timezone nein nein ja
Optical seperator (e.g. department, position …) nein nein ja
Varied filter functions nein nein ja
Set default values for new entries nein nein ja
Create Meetings / Appointments ja ja ja
Create Meetings "On-behalf-of" nein nein ja
Notify chair when someone edit / create / delete a entry nein nein ja
Find available rooms & resources ja ja ja
Drag'n drop eingeschränkt eingeschränkt ja
Create an appointment for multiple persons nein nein ja

Admin Features

Manual configuration (user only) ja ja ja
Central admin configuration (both central and user specific) nein nein ja
Wizards to generate group calendars nein nein ja
Optional global access rights nein nein ja
Scalability (support for +50,000 users) nein nein ja
Legend (definition, colour, filter) nein nein ja
Advanced calendar delegation nein nein ja
Print ja ja ja

Available Extensions

Service & Catering nein nein ja
MeetingFinder nein nein ja
Mobile APP group calendar (add-on) nein nein ja